There is no junk removal job too big or too small for our experts. We have several years of experience with a variety of junk removal projects including appliance removal, garage cleanouts, storage units, post construction cleaning, and more. We also specialize in landlord tenant move in/move outs, foreclosures, evictions as well as hoarder houses. Contact us now to schedule an appointment!


If you are looking to get rid of an old refrigerator, washing machine, or dryer, our team is here for you. We promise to always arrive on time and with the necessary equipment to ensure a smooth removal. Contact us now for appliance removal in South Carolina. 


If you've just finished a remodeling project, construction project, or landscaping project and need help with the cleanup, you've come to the right place. Our experts offer yard debris removal services that will rid your property of any kids play sets, above ground pools, trampolines, wood, trash piles, dirt, twigs, bricks, branches, tires, and more! Contact us now to learn more or to schedule an appointment today!


Are you tired of paying for storage on your boat that you may not use anymore. Do you want more room in your driveway which your boat is taking up? Look no further than Mels Junk Removal for all of your boat removal needs. We specialize in the complete and safe removal/disposal of abandoned and unwanted boats or watercraft which may be neglected on properties or storage units in and around the Midlands of South Carolina. Our boat removal team is fully insured and has the expertise needed to remove any sized boat from any location. Following proper EPA requirements, once your boat is gone from your property, our team will dispose of it safely and efficiently. Call today to learn more!


Here at Mels Junk Removal we have the appropriate equipment necessary to haul away any RV you hay have. Each RV model is different and requires a specific expertise, but with our years of experience backed by our top quality hauling vehicles, you’ll never have to worry about your RV cluttering your property again. We specialize in the complete removal of RV’s, abandoned motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth-wheels, pop-up campers, truck campers, and more! Call our team today to get started to a cleaner property with the help of our RV removal services.


If you have a crashed, broken down, or disassembled car or motorcycle you’ve been meaning to take to the junkyard, look no further than Mels Junk Removal. At your convenience, our team will come out to you promptly and remove any sized car or motorcycle so as to not disturb your already scheduled day. If you have your vehicle's pink slink, all will be easy, but if not, most local junk yards as well as metal recycling companies will not take it without the proper documentation. Call us today to discuss how we can still help haul away any unneeded automobile or motorbike from your property. We work with a handful of wrecking yard companies as well as steel recyclers in and around the Midlands of South Carolina who accept junk vehicles at any point, so get rid of your car or bike today with Mels Junk Removal.


We demo and haul off any small structure that may be in your way or maybe you just want to make room for a new one. We demo sheds, barns, mobile homes, burnt structures, large swing sets, decks and gazebos. We work with your insurance company if needed.

We Also Specialize In

• Auto removal • Hoarder Houses • Evictions • Foreclosures • Hot Tub Removal • Small Shed & Mobile Home Demolition • Carpet and Padding • Above Ground Pools •  Automobiles •  Campers • Boats